CLICK-Stecker für Immax NEO LITE 07726L, 12mm, T-Stecker, RGB+CCT, 6pin

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Geteilter Stecker für RGB CCT LED-Streifen 12 mm breit, 6 Stifte.
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Simple installation by just snapping the connector onto the LED strip.
Designed for LED strip 07726L.

With this connecting connector, you can easily connect RGB+CCT (6 pins) LED strips with a width of 12 mm without the need for soldering.
The connector can be used for IP20 tapes as well as for IP65 tapes.
You simply cut the led strip in the place marked with the scissor icon and snap the connector cover so that contact is made.

The LED strip needs to be placed on the cutting spikes exactly so that the pins on the strip are in one axis with the spikes.
Subsequently, by pressing the plastic door, the contact pins will be cut into the tape and the connection will be secured.
The door of the connector must be completely closed, otherwise the tape could be pulled from the connector and the connection would not work.

the connecting connector is only compatible with RGB-CCT LED strip 07726L and may not fit other models of other manufacturers.

Obrázek (1)Obrázek (1)
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