Smart Christmas with Immax NEO

Christmas can be easier with a smart home. The colors of the lighting can be dressed up in festive tones, intelligent control elements will help you make Christmas Day easier. Don't you believe? We have some tips for specific products for you.

Immax NEO LITE LED tree

16 meters long and will offer 160 RGB diodes. The Immax NOE LITE LED chain is another in a series of products created especially for the Christmas season. Decorate your hallway, kitchen and living room. The product works on WiFi technology and you can control it from anywhere. Thanks to smart features, you can set smart scenes in the Immax NEO PRO application as automatic switching according to a specific situation.

And why decorate the Christmas tree with it?

Immax NEO Smart Rotary Button

Just one click and the smart tree lights up. Just one turn and the chain will be colored in the corresponding colors. The Smart rotary button is a novelty that will delight every lover of a smart home. Its functional positions can be paired with any smart device.

Immax NEO Lite smart LED bulb

This RGB CCT dimmable bulb allows you to customize the lighting of your home to your liking. The possibility of control via the app or voice assistants means that you can easily create the perfect lighting conditions for every Christmas moment.

Immax NEO sensor

An idea for everyone. The presence sensor sees you enter the room and triggers a series of pre-set smart scenes. Imagine that it is Christmas Day and you and your children go out to give out presents. The presence sensor registers you, lights up the smart LED chain on the tree and dims the ambient lighting.


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